Oct 4, 2015

Why do you think this?

Everything, that you think of how the world is arranged is bulshit - everything, that you think of it. 
Everything to that you give value, is bulshit -- incoming, or very deformed. 

Everything, understand? 

Why do you think of it? 
What for do you convince yourselves of importance of what occurs to you. 

It is bulshit.

The thing is not in brains being arranged like this, the matter is that we live in such mankind that doesn't know itself. Therefore everything, absolutely, absolutely all representations is a bulshit. 

Bulshit of human consciousness. 
It cannot be different. 
Because it is made of a man.

Everything is bulshit.
Why do you thinking this?

Sep 30, 2013


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Sep 30, 2012

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